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What is Amatix Office ?

Amatix Office is a complete and free communications server for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides email, calendar, contacts, conventional telephony like ISDN, new generation VoIP telephony like SIP, instant messaging, presence and more other features needed to power a business.

Amatix Office is very easy to install and use and does not require any special IT skills. It is a live software appliance which runs directly from the CD or USB Flash drive. You don't need to install any software, just plug the Amatix Office CD/USB Flash in the CD/USB drive and let the computer boot from it. In few minutes your office server will be ready to run, with the software and the hardware, including the telephony cards, automatically configured.

Amatix Office is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.

Groupware features

Telephony IM E-Mail Calendar Addressbook Todo
Telephony IM/Presence E-Mail Calendar Addressbook Todo
  • Installed and preconfigured groupware software ( eGroupWare ).

  • Complete email system (SMTP/IMAP) with virtual mailboxes using the eGroupWare accounts.

  • Complete telephony system (VoIP, ISDN) using the eGroupWare accounts as internal extensions.

  • Complete instant messaging and presence system (XMPP/Jabber) using the eGroupWare accounts.

  • There are 4 preconfigured users (1 administrator and 3 regular users) with:

    • Email account
    • 3 types of telephony accounts: SIP, IAX2 and ISDN
    • Instant Messaging account
    • Voicemail account
      • The voice mailbox can be accessed using the telephone.
      • Message Waiting Indicator (MWI). The user will be notified when a new message is stored in the voice mailbox (available only for the VoIP phones).
      • Email notification. The user will be notified by email when a new message is stored in the mailbox.
    • Conference room reachable from every extension.
    • Common PBX functions like HOLD, TRANSFER, PARK etc.
    • Direct Inward Dialing (DID). The users may be directly dialed from outside using their extension number (available for the P2P ISDN lines).
    • Music On Hold. The calling party hears music when it is holded.
    • calendar, addresbook and more...

System features

Plug-and-Play Flexible Persistent Scalable Easy deployment Linux
  • Amatix Office follows the Plug-and-Play concept. It will automatically detect your hardware and will configure the software accordingly. The default configuration is suitable for the most use cases.

  • Amatix Office is flexible. It was designed to automate the hardware and software setup, but it also gives the possibility to change their behaviour. For example, although Amatix Office provides the standard telephony features, you can easily redesign the phone calls routing using an easy scripting language, whithout taking care about the technology behind.

  • Amatix Office is persistent. You can store the data on the USB Flash drive or on the hard disk. You can any time switch back to the factory defaults by unplugging/unregistering the storage device.

  • Amatix Office is scalable. To improve the perfomance, the software services installed on Amatix Office can be spread over the network on several machines running clones of the Amatix Office appliance.

  • Amatix Office is easy to deploy. The graphical user interface (GUI), which can be started/stopped on demand, contains all tools (web browser, partition editor, ...) needed to launch the server, so there is no need for a second computer, which must be connected to the customer's network, to configure the server. If the server has a sound card (ALSA compatible), you may use the installed SIP softphone, which is preconfigured for the administrator account, to place and receive calls, without any additional hardware.

  • Amatix Office is based on the Debian Linux distribution, so you can install additional software from the Debian repository.

Telephony hardware

Automatic configuration ISDN BRI (S0) ISDN PRI (E1)
  • ISDN E1 (PRI)

    • All PRI(S2M) cards which are supported by mISDN v2
      • HFC-E1 PCI cards
  • ISDN S0 (BRI)

    • All BRI cards which are supported by mISDN v2
      • HFC-S PCI cards
      • HFC-4S PCI cards
      • HFC-8S PCI cards
      • HFC-S USB devices
      • XHFC PCI2PI evaluation board
      • AVM Fritz! PCI cards
      • ...
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